How to remove a tree stump

Stump removal may be a wearisome activity. However, when done right and with the right tools, there is no need to risk breaking your back when doing this. First and foremost, there is need for patience when performing this task. This will reduce the risk of injury or physiological pains after the procedure.

For the process to be done just right, it may have to take several weeks. In case you want to make the process quick, you can buy a power stump grinder. However, there are other simpler ways of doing this.

There are chemicals made of potassium nitrate that is powdered. This is available at your local home or garden centers. They are sold in cans and speed up the process of rotting a stump. You first need to drill holes into the stamp which are deep enough. You will then pour the granules of the potassium nitrate. The holes should then be filled with water. This will help in speeding up the process.

After four to six weeks, the stump will start to get spongy. It is imperative that you keep children as well as pets away during this time. Once the stump has become spongy, you can then break out this rotten wood with an axe.

In order to have complete removal of the left over stump, manufacturers of the product suggest burning the remaining stump. This is done by pouring fuel oil or kerosene into the drilled holes. Once this is done wait for a few weeks for complete penetration, you can then light a match. With the penetration satisfactory, drop a match into the drilled holes.

Areas of Caution to be considered

It is important to note that you should never use gasoline as it is highly flammable. You should also ensure that there is no dry material such as leaves or papers lying around when you light the fire. You can prevent any spread of the fire by enveloping the area covered by the stamp with chicken wire. Keep children as well as pets away from the area from the area from the beginning of the project

Tools Required For the Stump Removal Project

For this Do It Yourself (DIY) project to be a success, the following tools are required:

A corded drill Extension cord12 inch bit extension Safety glasses

You can also make use of a drill or a driver as opposed to a corded drill. For the materials, you will require:

Stump remover; potassium nitrate powder or granules Kerosene or fuel oil

With these materials and some patience, you are guaranteed to have a stump free lawn in no time at all.