Stump Removal

Even though tree stump removal is doable, it is not an easy feat; it is more involving than cutting down a tree, which explains why many folks have dead tree stumps sitting in their yards. However, armed with the right tools and techniques, and there are many options available to chose from, one can effectively accomplish the job of removing tree stumps from their compounds.

This article explains how to safely and effectively do a stump removal & grinding. Perhaps we should consider the various reasons as why people remove dead tree stumps from their yards. First of all, it is illogical to suffer the trouble of removing a tree only to leave the stump sitting in the yard. Dead tree stumps are an eyesore! Having old and rotting tree stumps dotting the landscape significantly lowers the aesthetics of one’s compound.

To make the matters worse, the tree stumps form a haven for weeds and other plants to inevitably start growing on them. Moreover, the tree stumps occupy spaces that could otherwise be used for more viable purposes, especially since most people enjoy open and clear yards. For these reasons, many people prefer to do a stump removal to rid their yards of the unwanted stumps. There are several methods by which dead stumps can be removed: by use of special equipment, hand, chemicals or fire. These methods are effective for stump removal.

  1. Removing a Stump by Special Equipment

Machines were developed to make work easier for mankind. Therefore, when stump removal proves challenging to some, it is advisable for them to engage machine power for a quick but effective stump removal. One can hire a grinder and use it to grind the stump away. This method, however, requires financial backing considering that renting a grinder could cost over £150 per day. Therefore, this stump removal technique is only viable where the number of stumps to be removed is high.

  1. Removing a Stump by Hand

This technique is viable only with small tree stumps. It is also effective on diseased and decayed stumps. Moreover, the technique involves a lot of pulling and pushing to get the stump out of the ground. Basically, this method entails pushing and pulling the trunk thereby exposing the roots, which are then trimmed away using an axe until it is wholly uprooted.

  1. Removing a Stump by Chemicals

This approach is recommended for those not active in manual labor. Even though this method is the easiest by far, it requires sophisticated tools including a drill, an axe and the chemicals for stump removal. Basically, the technique entails cutting out pieces of the stump and drilling holes around it.

Then, the chemical is poured into those holes until the stump becomes saturated. it is then left to sit out until it rots, usually within a few weeks. Once rotten, the stump is ignited and left to burn away. 4. Removing a Stump by Fire This technique entails igniting the tree stump until it is completely destroyed, and then the remnants are scooped and disposed off, away from the yard. However, considering the hazards of fire, individuals are advised to exercise caution when applying this strategy of stump removal. In conclusion, stump removal is a cumbersome task that requires a lot of planning. The bottom line is, if the mentioned procedures are followed to the letter using the appropriate tools, then one is a step away from clearing their yards of the unwanted stumps.

Some people still question about the necessity and importance of removal of the stump of the tree. Of course, they should know certain reasons for which stump removal is a must do activity. The major reasons why the stump of the tree needs to be removed are because of the facts that the stump would revive the tree again.

Another reason is you won’t like to see your yard being highly dominated by roots which may rot causing considerable damage of the yard. This stump may become the breeding grounds of insects, termites and many other disease carrying agents which will feed on the nutrients drawn from the soil. If these insects are ignored, they even may pose serious dangers to your home and lawns as well.

Hence the importance of stump removal got highly increased. If you need stump removal service call to a Sheffield Stump Removal professional who will do your work you.