Tree Surgery Services

Every time we feel unwell, we need visit a doctor so he tells us what is wrong with us and better still prescribe us medication; when we in bad shape we even require a surgeon. Ever thought of the health of your tree? How health is it? Is it a threat to your property and that of our neighbor? Well many times we don’t appreciate our trees despite the benefits we acquire from them. How about you consult a tree surgeon today? let it be a valentine for your trees.

Just like we seek surgery for our own reasons; trees need surgery so that they enhance beauty and that of your compound of course, be healthy and safe.

However they really can’t speak and say how they feel, it is our responsibility to take care of them and consult specialists when they need one. Check trees daily for any signs of disease infection or pest so that they are attended too before it is too infected to be rescued.

Trees that require attention of a surgeon are those looking sick especially damaged by disease and threaten to lose many of its branches or tip over because of rotten roots and if growing too close to buildings could cause damage to property. Tree surgeons use different techniques with different trees, they could: crown lift, dead wood, crown thin, reduce, pollard, dismantle, stump grind or hedge cut all aimed at making your tree healthy.

However, besides treating disease and pest infested trees and those with broken limbs, tree surgeons also inoculate trees against diseases, prune trees to desired shape, check soil maintenance and tree roots, check splits and cracked limbs and provide emergency services for trees that fall across roads and drives. The best time to carry out tree surgery is towards summer, so that trees adjust to their new condition and are able to store up enough nutrients for the coming winter.

Often the crown of the tree becomes thick with dead wood or even with many different branches converging on the same bit of space. This means that there is a lot less natural light that comes through the trees and in gardens that require a lot of crown thinning this means that they can become dark and gloomy – and nobody likes that As a result, many well qualified tree surgeons offer the service of crown servicing to their clients.

Effectively the crown of the tree is the part of it where the branches start to grow and move upwards towards the top. Obviously for a lot of trees this can be rather low and once again if this is the case they can block out a lot of natural light. Crown lifting – where the lower branches are removed to raise the crown can help restore much of that light, particularly when done in conjunction with crown thinning.

There is need to consult a tree surgery service provider not just any other person who claims to be a tree specialist, as the surgeons understand the biology of trees and how they respond to each cut.

Poor surgery damages the tree making it less attractive; it could last a lifetime and sadly lower the life span of the tree. Let’ appreciate our trees and take care of them, the same way you love being taken care of when sick, give your trees that privileged and enjoy their benefits.